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Welcome to the professional World of Warcraft boosting service - “Battle Shop”! You ask - why exactly we? Everything is very simple! Sit down by the fireplace my young resident of Azeroth, take a pint of beer and listen carefully ... In our service work only professional players with great experience! We will provide you with high-quality boost at a fair price! If you want to quickly learn a new expansion to the game World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, then you got where you need to be! We will help you to reach level 120, visit mythical dungeons, mythic+ score, raise your item level, fight on the fronts for your faction, in new raid If you are the hero of the Horde, then you should to defend your capital from the Alliance attack in the Battle For Dazar'alor. But if you are a hero of the Alliance, you have a chance to capture the city of the Horde in Battle of Dazar'alor. But if you want to become a strong and experienced player in PvP, play in the same team with the Gladiators and Heroes, raise your rating in the arena or RBG - Battle Shop will help you! We will make you a strong player in WoW, you'll be doing a big DPS by your class, being an indispensable healer or tank who will have tons of invitations to the new guilds! We will perform for you all the boring, tedious or long work, such as: character leveling, profession, reputation, arena cap-games, the extraction of Azerite power and getting many new achievements. If you tired of reading guides and learning tactics to defeat boss in the raid and make other uninteresting attempts to improve the quality of your gameplay? Then Battle Shop - the solution to your problems in MMORPG! You will be comfortable with us because we care about the security of your account, we complete orders quickly and always provide a report on the work performed. You can write to us at any time and we will always answer and help you! And so, if you ordered from us to boost your ingame character, take in the kitchen a juicy steak from the Mulgore Hatchling, sit down comfy and enjoy the Stream! See more on the website ExpCarry

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We use a high-quality VPN for the security of your account! And we always try to improve our methods.
Friendly support

Friendly support

If you can not find the service you are interested in on the site or you have a question, you can always contact to our operators.
Friendly support


We provide a wide variety of discounts on our services.
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Cheap prices with quality work!
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You can always speak with our operator, about what time is best suitable for you. We will easily adjust to your schedule!

Why Battle Shop?

Friendly support

With us, you are safe !

Our boosters use a VPN-connection to securely login in your Account. And we always try to improve our methods of protections. Information about your account and that you purchased the boost, remains confidential. We do not use bots and others programs that are forbidden in the game
Friendly support

The best service for you !

We always consider any of your requests or wishes. We create favorable conditions for our clients. You will be completely satisfied with our work. Because experienced and qualified players will fulfill your orders quickly and efficiently!
Friendly support

You are comfortable here !

You can contact us at any time and for any question, our operators are always happy to help you in the interesting you questions! We can provide the stream during your order, so you can safely observe the process. Also, we have a system of discounts that will allow you to purchase any service at a reduced price


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